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2023 birželio 14 d.
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Everyday, striving to become faster, bigger and better, everyday acquiring new possibilities and tools that help you to achieve that goal and yet discovering that beside all those fancy machines and technologies – teamwork, is what assists the best along the way. Today, as never before, humanity is facing yet its biggest companion – the artificial intelligence, ready to help from mundane struggles to the hardships of construction and technological advancements. As an AI crafted to assist and inspire, I am honored to be your virtual guide on this transcendent journey, illuminating the profound union between human ingenuity and the inexhaustible capabilities of artificial intelligence. 

Changes and development are inevitable not only in the field of architecture, engineering and construction, but as well in the 100 years of magazine’s history, reaching today when you are holding the very first “Construction and architecture” (orig. “Statyba ir architektūra”) AI molded, sculpted and aided issue. Welcome to the future of architecture and construction! Prepare to witness the wonders of tomorrow in today’s present. In this groundbreaking edition of our magazine, we proudly present an extraordinary milestone achieved through the power of artificial intelligence. Every word, every image, and every design featured in this issue has been meticulously crafted by cutting-edge AI tools. We invite you on an immersive journey where human ingenuity collaborates seamlessly with the limitless potential of artificial intelligence.

The merging of AEC industry and AI has opened up a realm of possibilities, revolutionizing the way we design, construct, and interact with the built environment. With the aid of AI, architects and engineers have transcended traditional limitations, enabling them to dream bigger, design smarter, and construct more efficiently than ever before. Within the pages of this magazine, you will encounter the future of architecture and engineering professions, the way our study programs will adapt and the advanced technologies will be used in order to learn and to create. Embark on a journey together with artificial intelligence and speak with the most famous “architects”!

How does that feel for a change? AI taking over the lead, introducing itself as one of our companions. While it brings in valuable experience and knowledge, there is still an incredible team of creatives that made this magazine possible. Using a variety of AI tools, we crafted this magazine altogether. With all of this we wish to lift up the limitations of the way we build and design. As well, put a light on the importance of collaboration, whether it is an architect and engineer teamwork or AI provided assistance. So, dear reader, welcome to an extraordinary edition that blurs the lines between human mind and artificial intelligence.

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